Reality Leaves A Lot To The Imagination

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination” – John Lennon Do you remember those visual 3D puzzles popular back in the nineties? You had to look into the middle distance, or cross your eyes to find the hidden image. Apparently, our subconscious decodes the differences in repeating patterns. Our brains are hardwired to rearrange things … Continued

Chocolate or Banana?

It’s been said that we should “Eat to meet long-term goals, not short-term satisfaction.” So, choosing between fruit or chocolate should be easy. But is it? Do we consider our dietary choices in terms of long-term health outcomes? I rarely considered food choices in that way until recently. I now have a list of things … Continued

Map or Navigator… Both Please!

“If I was going there, I wouldn’t start from here!” is a legendary response to a request for directions. I’ve been mulling over the topic of maps, plans, and their hidden complexities prompted by US marketing and business guru Seth Godin’s recent blog post. It reminded me of an experience on our honeymoon which came … Continued