Happy April Fool’s Day 2018!

Well, to be honest, you couldn’t have read this post on 1st April 2018 because Stewardship Wealth had only just come into existence and the website was no-where near live.

However, if you can remember back that far you might have thought that Simon was playing an April Fool on himself, leaving the secure and safe role of Director and Chartered Financial Planner at a growing and successful wealth management company to go and work from home for a year.  Hot Desking with the kids, a financial planners office by day, a place for playing or doing homework by night.

If you are reading this, then something has gone right.  The website is live, Stewardship Wealth is a living, breathing business, working out its goals and visions for the future.  Climb aboard and join the journey.  We’re hoping to make it a pleasure for all those who get involved