The Pursuit of Imperfection

Torville and Dean achieved a perfect score in the 1984 Winter Olympics. Nadia Comaneci produced seven perfect 10s in Montreal’s Olympics in 1976. Perfection then, but now? In their book The Imperfectionists Charles Conn and Rob McLean, two McKinsey alumni, share observations on the challenges of a conventional approach to strategic planning. Imperfection may sound … Continued

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Imperceptible, Incremental Change.

How many of us order the same thing every time we go to our favourite place to eat? We may take time to look through the menu, explore the options, but end up ordering exactly the same thing we always do. My wife does this every time. I play the, “What’s he going to order … Continued

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Words, language, lexicon all feature heavily in our fast moving, ever evolving world. I had never considered how our vocabularies could expand to reflect our daily experiences. I assumed our English language was ordered and protected by dictionaries whose role was to choose what words were real and just made up. Here is a quotation … Continued