The title above leapt out at me as I read a Seth Godin blog. Seth is a combative New York marketeer who always has something thought provoking to share. In so many ways it paints a picture of what we do at Stewardship Wealth. I loved the idea of seeing the future as a dance partner, rather than something to be pushed away into the distance.

I can just about carry off a Gay Gordons without breaking my wife’s toes, so the dream would be to start together, glide smoothly together and finish together. Perhaps someday.

I have learned that writhing uncontrollably just off the beat isn’t a promising start, but I remain hopeful. I love watching people who can really dance. It’s the apparent effortlessness that captivates me. Torville and Dean, who despite being in their mid-sixties, have a level of effortless perfection that has undoubtably stood the test of time. However, I think we all know it only becomes effortless after many years of effort, practice, getting it wrong, crying, laughing, and starting all over again.

Any sort of creative activity, whether it’s dancing or financial planning, requires effort, a similar set of principles, ideas and creativity to produce great results. Just like a dance, financial planning involves thorough preparation, practice, and discipline, as well as energy. It also helps if there is a clear purpose and understanding of your starting position and a strong sense of where you want to be, and the steps you need to take to get there.

It’s really the search for balance and harmony. Whether it be in the perfect combination of steps and music, or the deeply personal financial plan that is in step with your ambition. It requires some coaching, and more than a dash of adaptability. It involves staying alert for sudden changes in rhythm, and adjusting your balance while elegantly retaining your poise.

Let’s not forget the art of improvisation. This can play a key role in both endeavours. Demonstrating something creatively, in the moment, can open up a new level of awareness of your potential options. When the unexpected comes your way, your immediate response can make the difference between a flawless performance or a disastrous one.

When it comes to financial planning, maintaining your posture when market gyrations have others running for the exits, is a winning strategy. The ability to adapt to different dance styles is also an advantage. One moment it could be a serene classic waltz, next it could be an Orcadian Strip the Willow.

Well, you are in good hands. We have made the quantum leap from being a solo act, to a trio. As a planning team, Simon and Tim have been in training for a few years now, developing their skills, and ensuring each step is meticulously planned and executed. Emilia’s role is growing as she provides vital support while waltzing her way through her professional qualifications.

In the end, it is all about having a clear understanding of the fundamentals developed through skilled coaching and a close working relationship. It is this partnership that improves our resilience, maintains our balance, and builds people’s confidence to make good decisions. After all, “We can’t choose the music that life gives us, but we can choose how to dance to it.” — Unknown.